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As a TREASURED hostess you are the connect point! As the hostess, your warm smile and open arms are what will make the most impact!  A TREASURED hostess is a woman with a heart for loving other women towards Jesus Christ - a woman who makes other women feel TREASURED.

Who can be a hostess?

In short, YOU can! If you're a woman, you love Jesus, and you love people - you can be a TREASURED hostess! All you need is the ability to play a youtube link, receive email, and have a space to host your gathering! Gatherings happen just once a month so there's no overload on your schedule! You can gather with friends at home, in a park, a coffee shop... anywhere you can imagine!

If you have other questions about being a hostess just reach out to our Team Admin, Jeanna Giles, at

  become a hostess

would you like your group open to women in the community around you?
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within 24 hours!
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