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What is a TREASURED Group?

TREASURED is a small group ministry designed to bring women together from all churches and denominations. It's focus is to drown out the voices in our culture that continually try to belittle our worth. TREASURED Groups remind us that our worth is found in Jesus and that it's amplified through meaningful relationship with the Body of Christ.

TREASURED Groups meet just once a month and each devotional + discussion is designed to be merely 20-30 minutes long! Then it's up to you how long you hang out and build friendships!



TREASURED was birthed through a year long creative process that followed Erin (TREASURED Director) being blessed by and involved in a local interdenominational women’s ministry in the Las Vegas Valley known as IgniteLife. IgniteLife’s creator and director, Vanessa Hartsell, has been a godly and uplifting influence both to Erin and thousands of women in recent years. Her small group model is the inspiration for TREASURED and it’s with her blessing that we bring that model to women across the nation. If you’re in the Las Vegas valley and would like to learn more about IgniteLife ministries you can follow this link...


We can’t wait to see what God does through your TREASURED Group!



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